Wax Melts - Pick One
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Wax Melts - Pick One

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Wax melts are perfect for filling a room with scent without lighting a candle. Pick a scent from the options and enjoy! This listing is for one pack of melts which has 6 breakable cubes.

Scroll for the scents or check individual candle listings for the details!

Size: One 3oz pack of wax tarts. Each pack contains six tarts.

Use: Place 1-2 cubes in your tart warmer and enjoy! Please refer to the instructions that come with your tart warmer for use and cleaning.

Made With: The tarts are made with soy wax, which is eco-friendly, American grown and renewable. They are all hand poured.



-221B Baker Street: black currant tea & leather
-Abibliophobia: caramel marshmallow
-Afternoon Tea: earl grey tea & apple
-Anne's Octobers: cranberry, apple harvest & spice
-Apothecary's Elixirs: sage, smoked oud wood & bergamot
-As You Wish: apple, peach & hydrangea
-Bibliophagist: coffee & vanilla
-Bibliosmia: paper, amber, cedar, musk & vanilla
-Blankets & Book Stacks: cashmere, leather, amber & ylang ylang
-Bookshop Dweller: sandalwood, vanilla & violet
-Bubbling Potions: black currant absinthe
-Casting Spells: rosemary, woods, sage & eucalyptus
-Castle Halls: fire & amber noir
-Circe's Island: ocean, cassis, gardenia & coconut
-A Day With Mr. Darcy: honeysuckle, meadow & orange
-Dragon's Breath: fire, patchouli & cedar 
-Elven Forest: moss, fig, citrus & woods 
-Epeolatry: gardenia & peach nectar 
-Galaxy Adventures: nag champa

-Late Night Reading: lavender vanilla 
-Librocubicularist: clean cotton & rain
-Logophile: sea salt & orchid
-Mad Tea Party: white tea & bergamot
-Magic Pumpkin Patch: pumpkin souffle
-Mermaid Splash: pineapple, coconut & melon
-Mount Olympus: fig, cypress, moss & plum
-Nevermore: oakmoss & amber
-Pandora's Box: grapefruit & jasmine
-Reading Nook: amber, coriander & dark musk
-Scottish Highlands: heather, violet & bergamot
-Sleepy Hollow: cinnamon, nutmeg & vanilla
-The Warrior Achilles: fig & pomegranate
-Witch's Cottage: black orchid, patchouli & honey

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