Sampler Pack
Sampler Pack
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Sampler Pack

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This pack is perfect for anyone who wants to get a small sample of a few different candle scents! You get four 2 ounce tins. They are best used in a small area, as they are just small versions!

Pick your four options from this list: (Full descriptions are in the candles individual listings!)

**The candle of the month and some seasonal candles are NOT available for the sampler pack! Please check the list.**

221B Baker Street
Afternoon Tea
As You Wish
At the Lamppost
Bookshop Dweller
Bubbling Potions
Casting Spells
Castle Halls
Circe's Island
Dragon's Breath
Drink of Wizards
Galaxy Adventures
Gatsby's Shoreline
Late Night Reading
Library Explorer
Mad Tea Party
Mermaid Splash
Mount Olympus
The North
Pandora's Box
Reading Nook
Scottish Highlands
Thornfield Garden
Unicorn Horn
The Warrior Achilles

Candle Info:
The candles are made with soy wax, which is eco-friendly, American grown and renewable. You can wash out and use the tins afterward if you wish! They're hand poured and burn for approximately 10-12 hours.

Gift Boxes:
If you'd like your candles in the white gift box shown for easy gifting, you can add that option on!

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