Five Perfect Gifts for Bookworms

Five Perfect Gifts for Bookworms

Need a gift for the bookworm in your life? There are tons of book items on the market, but we've found some great ones that will please any bibliophile!

1. Personalized library embosser

What's the perfect and fancy way to add your name on your books? This embosser is so cute, and will help remind your friends to return those books to you!

2. Book Nooks for your shelf

These little book nook inserts for your shelf add such a touch of magic to your library! This one is a DIY version so you can make your own!

3. Book Cover Kindle Cases

If your bookworm is more of a Kindle person, these cases that look like book covers are both a want and a need.

4. Blind Date With a Book

If you've seen these blind dates with a book in stores, now you can get them online! Choose a genre and get a surprise mystery book!

5. Bookish Candles

We're biased, but book candles add the perfect atmosphere to any reading experience! Try best sellers Reading Nook and Ancient Library which are sure to be a hit for any book lover.


Any of these would be sure to light up the day of the bookish person in your life!