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Autumn Ambiance | Exclusive Collection

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Autumn Ambiance

Choose from 6 perfect scents in classy colored jars to usher in the new season!

1- Spooky Movie Marathon: cashmere, plum, toasted vanilla, cinnamon & clove
2- Pumpkin Season: pumpkin chai & brown sugar
3- Leaves & Lattes: caramel latte & spiced honey
4- First Fall Rain: earth, rain, vetiver, oakmoss & amber
5- Cozy Book Nook: amber, sweet tobacco, wood & clover
6- Sweater Stash: apple orchard, berry & spiced plum

*Processing Time: 5-10 days!
*These are limited quantity and gone when they're sold out!

-8 oz candle
-Hand poured
-Burn time of 50+ hrs
-approx 3.5” tall
-Made with soy wax, which is eco-friendly, American grown and renewable
-You can wash out and use the jar afterward if you wish!

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